Buying a Home?!

Choosing a Realtor?
Should you work with one agent or several? The fact is that over 95% of homes available for sale are listed through the Multiple Listing Service, with about 5% of the market being For Sale By Owner. All Realtors that are members of our local M.L.S. have access to the same information. Working with several Realtors will not significantly expose you to more or different properties and it can complicate things because the agents will invariably end up showing many of the same properties. Talk with a number of Realtors and assess how they respond to you. Remember that the individual agent you choose is far more important than the company he or she represents.

Should you sign a Buyer/Broker Agreement? Until recently, a Realtor showing homes to a buyer was legally responsible to represent and promote the interest of the seller. Today, Realtors must declare whom they represent. Make sure that the Realtor you choose is representing YOU. However, this is an area in which you should use caution. Some Realtors may require you to sign a Buyer/Broker agreement. Read them carefully. Some agreements or “contracts” require the buyer to work exclusively with that Realtor and are difficult to withdraw from should the buyer decide that he or she wants a different agent for any reason.

Why should you choose Phil Bowditch as your Realtor? When you try to choose a Realtor, you will notice that there are a lot of us out there. Finding an agent that will protect your interests and make sure “you don’t shoot yourself in the foot” is really not that difficult. Although I’m a competitor, I’m also proud of the people in our local Board of Realtors.

There are, however, subtle differences in how we represent our clients. First of all, I do not require a buyer to sign any agreement requiring the buyer to use only me. If I do my job correctly and honestly, most buyers will stick with me. If I don’t, they can drop me like a stone (and they should). Also, I handle my buyers and sellers personally, not through an assistant. Another factor is my “affordable” fully furnished temporary housing.
Other differences are that I’ve been a Realtor for over 25 years and that my family has been here since the Yankees burnt the records…I’ve lived here all my life and I know the market here as well or better than any agent you’ll find. I hope I have an opportunity to talk with you about buying a home and THANK YOU for reading this.
There are a number of questions you should consider. Should you work with one agent or several? Should you sign a Buyer/Broker agreement and what does it represent? Should you try to find a For Sale By Owner home?
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